Salesforce Connections 2024


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Learn more about how we help our clients drive continuous growth using the Salesforce platform.

Helping brands unlock the full potential of Marketing Cloud

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Driving engagement and growth with Marketing Cloud Personalization


Drive Conversion & Build Relationships with Personalization

Bold Orange CEO Margaret Murphy and Andersen Corporation’s Chief Digital Officer Kelly Aronson will take the stage together to uncover what’s possible with Marketing Cloud Personalization. Learn how our partnership with Andersen created tailored experiences and communications throughout the customer lifecycle and drove real-world business results.


Attendees will learn how Andersen and Bold Orange:

  • Approached enterprise personalization strategy 
  • Activated personalization across the entire customer lifecycle 
  • Leveraged Salesforce to enable personalization at scale 

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Matt Kelly

Director of Strategic Growth, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Alliance

James Vila

Sr. Director of Client Strategy & Services

Spencer Smith

Vice President of Strategic Growth