I set out to create Bold Orange as a place anchored on a culture of engaging, developing and inspiring talent. Doesn’t sound hard, right? Well how many of you reading this right now feel inspired, developed and empowered? Yup. We feel we’ve made a bold commitment and we’re going to keep it – we will inspire you, we will develop you, and we will empower you.

Doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way is how we prefer to work. Our culture is inherently optimistic and inherently human. We value transparency, clear communication, and accountability. We value each area of expertise equally – technologists and creatives, client services and project managers, analysts and strategists. And we value innovative solutions. If forced to choose between process, purpose and passion, we pick passion and purpose first… because it makes solutions better.

Our tone is professionally sassy. We embrace meat raffles, hot seats, and the occasional Jell‑O shot. We like staff meetings that are informative, educational, and at times, damn funny. We believe in no hierarchy, no bullshit, no politics. Just honest, hard work and great fun.

Human-led, purposeful, brave, future focused. That’s who we are.

Come join us,

Margaret Murphy
CEO & Founder

Love where you work.

Let’s do this, together.