On-Demand Webinar

How Carolina Cat Achieved Next-Level Personalization
With Marketing Cloud

In today’s fast-paced digital world, personalized customer experiences have become more critical than ever. But businesses typically face three hurdles when trying to achieve personalization:

  • Determining business value and prioritizing use cases.
  • Understanding how their data can drive personalized experiences.
  • Leveraging technology to create scale across their personalized experiences.

We were recently joined by our friends from Carolina Cat and Salesforce to learn how they approached and overcame these three hurdles. This was not your typical “philosophy-only” webinar. We dug into the strategies, tactics, and technology approach that allowed Carolina Cat, along with Bold Orange and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, to produce personalized experiences that deliver concrete results for their business.

In this webinar, we covered:

The specific methods and tools that Carolina Cat used to overcome the three hurdles
Holistically what “personalization” means for brands
An effective framework on how to approach personalization
Real-life use cases of how this framework is used
The project regarding the strategy, approach, implementation and results of their project
The methods that Carolina Cat used to build internal capability
Tangible and practical tools that can be implemented right away

Featured speakers

Dave Woodbeck

Dave Woodbeck

Dave has been in the Marketing Automaton and Personalization space for over 20 years. Supporting Salesforce solutions at Bold Orange, he architects the implementation of solutions that solve business problems.

Nichole CTE

Nikki Maple

As the Digital Marketing Manager for Carolina Cat, Nikki creates smart strategies and stewards enterprise initiatives that deliver measurable impact for CTE (Carolina Tractor and Equipment). It was part of what earned her the highest honor of the 2022 “President’s Award” at CTE.

Lester Salesforce

Lester McHargue

Lester’s expertise includes over 30 years of experience driving transformation excellence for clients through advanced analytic, digital, automation, IoT, and cloud-based solutions. As the Executive Strategist of Manufacturing, Lester plays an integral part in demonstrating the impact Salesforce Marketing Cloud can deliver for clients.