The Situation

Red Wing Shoe Company, a premium safety and lifestyle footwear brand, recognized an opportunity to reach younger trade professionals in an engaging way and earn a spot in their product consideration set.

Additionally, Red Wing Shoe Company has a valuable corporate marketing program, Red Marketing, which supports an independent dealer network. By sharing the success of the program, Red Wing Shoe Company aimed to strengthen and even multiply dealer relationships.


We started by digging into the competitive landscape, along with personas, online metrics, and in-store purchasing experiences.

We identified audience insights, mapped their journeys, and developed look-a-like models to guide our digital strategies. Then, we developed highly targeted campaigns that delivered relevant content at the right moments.

As a result, we effectively drove awareness, perception, and in-store purchases of men’s work boots—expanding the customer base to include the 18- to 45-year-old target audience and strengthening Red Marketing performance.


Tradesman New Product Launch

This product launch was a key opportunity to help Red Wing Shoe Company connect with trade professionals who weren’t familiar with the brand.

We deployed social, search, and display ads that spoke to their specific needs, including proper fit and quality craftsmanship. The campaign demonstrated the value of the boot, showing it as an important part of their toolbox to help them get the job done right, and in a safe way.

This integrated campaign was also critical in sparking dealer engagement and growing buy-in based on marketing projections and results.


Lightweight Product Campaign

We transitioned from the brand’s traditional editorial communications to feature a new attribute that’s key to the 18- to 45-year-old audience, Lightweight. Using social remarketing, paid search, and triggered emails, we pulsed specific, bite-sized messages to people in our audience who showed buying intent.


Ultimate Fit Event

With a focus on customer acquisition, we continually optimized digital strategies during this special event. We served personalized information that encourages the target audience to visit their nearest store and purchase work boots.


Tradesman Product Launch:


Increase in 18- to 45-year-old purchasers (as compared to non-campaign timeframe of similar duration)

Lightweight Product Campaign:


Lightweight sales increase year-over-year


Other work and safety boot sales increase year-over-year

Ultimate Fit Event:


Increase in net new database acquisitions compared to the prior year’s event

“Bold Orange provides meaningful perspectives to all business strategy conversations. Their thinking around holistic brand impact, arms us with recommendations that are sound for ‘today’ and into the future.”

Andrew Doughty
Director of Marketing – Global Work