The Situation

Be The Match® is a global leader working every day to save lives through cellular therapy. For people with life-threatening blood cancers—like leukemia and lymphoma—or other blood disorders like sickle cell, a cure or treatment exists. Be The Match connects patients with a matching donor for a life-saving blood stem cell transplant.

We partnered with Be The Match to better understand, nurture, and engage members on the donor registry to increase their likelihood of saying yes when called to donate and save a life.

200 Billion—Would You Give Some Away?

Inspiring people to join the registry by showing that everyone has the potential to save a life.


We immersed ourselves in the business, measuring CRM engagement and performing a communication analysis to reveal key opportunities to connect with members.

We also conducted interviews and online surveys to better understand member needs and mindsets.

All of which led to creating member engagement campaigns and marketing tools that enabled Be The Match to reach members in a way that acknowledges their life experiences and addresses their questions about the donation process.


Persona Development

We created personas that outlined actionable information about members, including needs, influences, and concerns about the donation process. They were shared company-wide so every touchpoint could be used as an opportunity to turn a potential “no” into a “yes.”


Journey Mapping

This member journey was unique because people could wait years to be called to donate—and many never are. It was important to not only educate and engage members, but also remind them that they’re part of a meaningful community of people who have the power to be someone’s cure. This made their experience personal and helped ensure they’d be willing to save a life anytime they got the opportunity.


Creative & Content

Segmented videos and multi-channel campaigns, including SMS, social, email, and landing pages, dispelled myths about the donation process and acknowledged donor barriers. We elevated diverse perspectives to help explain what the donation process and recovery involve, and to show that Be The Match is committed to both patients and donors—so members remain committed to saving a life.

Our Donors Are Superstars

Parents of young donors are an important audience for Be The Match. When Jurnee was called to donate, her mother was concerned that her daughter's well-being wouldn't be a priority. This video shows parents that donor health is valued just as much as patient health.


When it comes to saving lives, business results look a little different—and make a big difference. By refining personas and revealing their unique mindsets, we’re able to engage in an understanding, informative way that encourages members to take the next step in their life-saving journey.

“Bold Orange has been a key strategic partner in building our member experience strategies, and leading the creative articulation and identity of our personas. They have been a critical asset when it comes to reaching our engagement goals.”

Director of Marketing, Be The Match