The Situation

Thrive Pet Healthcare (Thrive) is a national network of veterinary clinics committed to creating a comprehensive pet healthcare experience. Each year, they serve more than 1.3 million pet families.

Over the last few years, Thrive has grown rapidly through the acquisition of local veterinary practices—creating a network of more than 400 locations across 37 states.

With each acquired practice having its own brand, website and customer experience, Thrive saw an opportunity to streamline and modernize.

They turned to us to help provide more value to their veterinarians and customers through a new digital experience.


We started by grounding ourselves in the business to understand its structure, growth goals, and existing digital experience. With the two key audiences in mind, veterinarians and pet owners, we established clear objectives.

Then, we crafted a detailed plan that focused on delivering immediate value while building toward a long-term vision. Our experts across strategy, technology, analytics and creative came together to lead the evolution, inclusive of customer relationship management (CRM), the website, email automation and more.



Streamlining how Thrive manages more than one million customer relationships was crucial. We created a roadmap to organize customer data and onboard the right marketing automation technologies. From there, we created journeys, email templates, and content, launching our engagement strategies into market.


We architected automated email journeys for key moments in the customer lifecycle and brought them to life with engaging copy and design.


We created responsive email templates to establish consistency across communications and streamline the execution of automated journeys.



From information architecture, to user interface design and content, we built Thrive’s web presence from the ground up. The new site replaced three old website properties and introduced Thrive’s brand in a consistent and compelling way. The site embodied Thrive as a nurturing and proactive healthcare partner, using new functionality, content and design to provide users with a seamless experience.

Thrive website refresh screens


To ensure the brand shows up consistently, we created a UI toolkit to share with clinics and partners. It defines core colors, patterns and modules used across digital mediums.

UI toolkit



Performance of the new site was a priority. We conducted a robust SEO analysis, migration plan and measurement strategy. And since local search is essential to drive organic traffic, we provided Google My Business recommendations so clinics could still easily be found during the migration. We also developed a new content strategy to help Thrive raise its domain authority and better compete for organic search traffic.

We created a custom dashboard to help visualize key performance indicators (KPIs), and identify common behaviors and optimization opportunities. Real-time analytics allowed us to test variations of the user experience to improve functionality, conversion and user satisfaction.


Not only did we help Thrive transform its digital ecosystem within six months, the improved experience delivered increased performance that set new benchmarks for success.


Decrease in bounce rate


increase in pages
viewed per session


increase in
appointments booked

The team at Bold Orange is helping us navigate our digital transformation with focus, creativity and speed. They have an exceptional ability to understand the pet parent and articulate our brand through the digital experience.”

Amy Halford
CMO, Thrive Pet Healthcare