The Situation

Caribou Coffee (Caribou) is a nationwide gourmet coffee company that creates day-making experiences. While the brand has built an impressive customer base over the past 30 years, they’re on a mission to expand into new markets and consumer segments.

We partnered with Caribou to create targeted digital campaigns that drive store traffic and keep the brand top of mind throughout the year.


We started by collecting data from surveys and studying consumer expectations. The insights we gathered helped define strategies and align opportunities with audiences and channels to create the most impact. Ultimately allowing us to over-deliver on media results, grow store traffic and increase sales.


New to

Men represent 60% of coffee drinking adults but only represent about 30% of Caribou’s loyalists. Based on this data, we had a big opportunity to start nurturing a relationship with this key audience.

We set out to move the needle by strategically testing different messaging and channel strategies, aiming to understand what will motivate men ages 25 – 30 to make a purchase and how to best reach them. These people are making moves, whether at work or in their personal lives. Our approachable, intentional creative showed that Caribou was the boost they needed to accomplish their next big thing.

Using location data, we positioned Caribou as a convenient destination for a delicious pick-me-up on the way to what’s next.

New to Bou campaign


The More the Merrier

The holidays are an important time for the Caribou business. Not only do coffee drinkers savor seasonal drinks, but by offering subscriptions, gift cards and merchandise, Caribou becomes part of people’s gift lists. And since the holidays are all about spending time with the people you love, we created a campaign that inspires togetherness with Caribou.


You’ve Earned It

As coffee drinkers kicked off the new year, many made resolutions to cut back on indulgences. But winters in the Midwest are infamously long and cold and dark. So, we created a campaign that flipped the script, encouraging people to treat themselves instead. And the launch of Caribou’s XL hot beverages provided the perfect opportunity to stay extra warm and fuel the entire day.


Our strategic approach to activating digital campaigns delivered measurable results for Caribou. We exceeded projected campaign and sales metrics, bolstering the brand’s efforts to grow market share.


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