Twin Cities’ Business Leader Launches Bold Orange

New company built on belief that authentic human connections are the single most important driver of business and societal progress

Minneapolis, Minn. Jan. 9, 2018 – Twin Cities’ entrepreneur and business leader Margaret Murphy today launched Bold Orange, her ambitious new company with a bold purpose: to create business and societal progress.

Bold Orange is a human connections company that works to modernize loyalty, customer relationship management (CRM) and digital through more authentic consumer experiences.

“The advertising industry has transformed over the last decade, but loyalty and CRM have remained anchored in programs and points, which are expensive to maintain and not at all personal,” Murphy said. “Our modern approach makes the experience for consumers more relevant and significantly reduces costs for companies.”

Bold Orange’s solutions drive digital experiences, integrate flexible and efficient technologies, and use data to communicate in more meaningful ways. The results empower growth in customer loyalty, shrink upkeep costs, and drive revenue for companies.

In like manner, the company’s unique mission includes more than business. Bold Orange gives Murphy the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong ambition of blending business and societal progress. By prioritizing people over process, she intends to help communities grow stronger financially, civically, and through educational opportunities.

“We are thinking about human connections differently on all fronts – for our clients it means modern loyalty, CRM and digital experiences. For their customers, it is relevant, authentic content that moves them to engage and act,” Murphy said.  “And for our employees, as we build-out the societal progress piece, it will mean work that is personally meaningful for them and work that strengthens the greater community.”

Murphy is launching Bold Orange building upon a 25-year career in strategy, creative, technology and analytics spanning independent, private equity, and publicly held companies. Her interest in societal progress is not new as she serves on several area boards including the College of Saint Benedict, Platinum Bank, and Catholic Charities. She is also known to go beyond more “formal” service work and spearhead grassroots efforts such as a fundraiser to support her hometown of Madelia, Minn., following a devastating fire that destroyed much of Main Street in 2016.

About Bold Orange Company (BOCO)

Bold Orange, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a human connections company with a two-fold purpose: business and societal progress. Bold Orange modernizes loyalty, CRM and digital through relevant, authentic consumer experiences; likewise, the company creates opportunity for employees to be inspired and works to strengthen the greater community. For more information, visit Bold Orange, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.