To make a meaningful connection, we first must know what matters to the people we’re talking to. That’s why our performance marketing team—which supports all aspects of programmatic advertising, paid search, paid social, SEO, CRO, email and mobile marketing—sits side-by-side with our analytics, experience strategy, UX, and creative experts. Together, our team immerses themselves in audiences’ nuanced behaviors, unique purchase journeys, and consumption habits to create media plans that tap into the most effective points of impact. 

Campaign Strategy & Creation

Customer-first campaigns that outperform channel-first campaigns. 

It’s why we favor an integrated media model. Our strategists continuously review audiences, tactics, and results, working closely with creative to develop new content and landing experiences for testing. Meanwhile, our analytics and insights experts set measurement strategies, KPIs, and HVAs (high-value actions) to ensure we can continuously optimize. 

  • Audience Definition
  • Channel Planning
  • Content & Creative
  • Landing Pages
  • Measurement Strategy

Paid Search & SEO

Integrated search strategies that drive better outcomes. 

We take an integrated approach to search to help our clients create a more cohesive and comprehensive online presence. And—as with everything we do—we root our practice in data, expertise in core platforms, and deep understanding of our clients’ businesses (an approach designed to continuously improve the impact of campaigns over time). Within SEM, we leverage all aspects of Google Ads and Bing platforms, and use data connectors when necessary to extract insights for ad optimization. For SEO, we think deeply about what searchers are looking for and take a campaign-based approach to enhance web properties to meet their intent. Our teams are deeply collaborative, and regularly share learnings to make sure our clients stay at the top.   

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Technical Audits
  • Content & Campaign Strategy

Social, Display & Programmatic

Guiding audiences from first touch to conversion.  

Our approach begins with a focus on our clients’ desired audiences, identifying which channels best meet their needs and then using syndicated research to align with customer habits. From there, we create custom plans across the funnel. For social, we might target first-touch audiences in reach and frequency campaigns, and then rely on mid- and bottom-funnel campaigns to drive engagement (clicks, page views) and maximize conversion actions (leads, purchases, store visits). For programmatic advertising, we typically prioritize top- or mid-funnel campaigns, optimizing for reach, frequency, and engagement.  

  • Audience Analysis & Development
  • Platform Strategy
  • Content Production
  • Campaign Activation

Media Management & Optimization

Human-led, technology-backed.  

Our approach to campaign management is powered by agile methodologies and regular analysis to achieve continuous improvement. We offer fully automated enterprise media reporting and publish custom performance dashboards utilizing cloud-based analytics platforms. These dashboards are tailored to individual media plans, inclusive of all digital tactics—including paid search, display, programmatic, and social—and constantly monitored by our experts for the sake of campaign optimization. 

  • Campaign Execution
  • Testing & Optimization
  • Dashboard Development & Reporting
  • Co-op Program Management

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