Bold Orange Strengthens their Market Leading Position to Modernize the Loyalty and CRM Industry

We are thrilled to announce that Jim Specht has joined Bold Orange Company (BOCO) as CXO. Jim’s role allows us to continue to build on our vision that relevant, authentic experiences are the engagement currency that matters most. Learn about Jim and his vision to modernize loyalty and CRM as he sits on the BOCO “hot seat”.

What do you see as the biggest opportunities for brands to engage more relevantly today?

Customers seek convenience and meaningful experiences. With all of the data collected today, brands have the ability to tailor experiences for the customers when it matters most to them. When they are in the moment. As marketers, we should strive to anticipate customers’ needs to make their experiences as easy and seamless as possible.

What is your biggest pet peeve with online shopping experiences?

Too many steps, not enough integration with mobile pay or my loyalty currency.

What do you love about marketing?

I began my career in advertising. We used to measure our success by if we could sell it to our clients. I love marketing for the science and strategic thinking that contributes to better creativity that can be measured.

If you weren’t a CXO, what would you want to be?

I’m all about experiences. Experiences are what motivate and inspire me. If I couldn’t work in a business with the opportunity to help create better customer experiences, I would apply it to my other love; the outdoors. I would find a way to guide people in the outdoors to discover what they’re capable of and introduce them to new experiences.

What are your favorite pastimes?

Anything outside. But mostly traveling to new places to fish. Fishing is an excuse to explore.

Have you ever won a meat raffle? If so, what cut of meat did you choose as your prize?

Never, and it’s not without trying. If I ever did win, I’d choose moose steaks.

What makes you most excited about joining BOCO?

I am most excited about exploring new territories in customer experience. There’s something about a company that’s still defining itself. It doesn’t have limits or boundaries. When you seek real, meaningful outcomes, the work feels more like play. And I love to play.

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