Branded mugs, pens, USBs. Been there. Repped that. After two years of heavy research—not tied to any global experience whatsoever—Bold Orange has created the ultimate gamechanger in company swag. Introducing the DeskVest: outerwear for purposeful people, where every pocket has a purpose.

The endless and innovative features built into the DeskVest put Mary Poppins’ bag to shame.

DeskVest Features

Bold Orange (BOCO), a leading customer experience agency located in the Twin Cities, was founded in early 2018 with three key beliefs:

  1. Authentic human connections are the single most important driver of business and societal progress.
  2. Talent is everything.
  3. Swag matters.

“From day one, I’ve said we don’t do crappy swag,” Margaret Murphy, Founder and CEO of Bold Orange, stated emphatically.

Bold Orange recognizes great talent and what they need to do their best work. The future workspace is being able to create your own workspace—whether you’re in the office or remote. “Creativity doesn’t need sleeves,” says Jim S., Chief Experience Officer.

DeskVest Collage

My DeskVest helps me get inspired in the most unexpected of places. Like last Tuesday, when I designed an entire user flow while in line at the DMV.” -Brieanna P., Associate UX/UI Designer.

Many BOCOites have returned to the office on a hybrid model and now they have the fashion-forward tools to do their best work wherever they are. “I may be on a call talking about SEO strategies, but my body feels like it’s on the runway at Paris Fashion Week,” declared Andy T., Director of Search.

The heart rate and activity tracking features in my DeskVest played a huge role in helping me win the BOCO Fitness Challenge this year. Did I mention I finished first overall?” -Sadie L., Account Manager.


It’s become a big draw for industry talent as well. Take it from Jihan G., Director, Client Services at BOCO said, “I was drawn to BOCO because of the incredible CX work they’re doing. The benefits package is also amazing, but the DeskVest was ultimately the deciding factor for me.

It’s even better than my industrial-strength standing desk. I LOVE IT. I never take mine off.” -Spencer S., Sr. Director of Strategy

The DeskVest. Zip your way to a more productive day.