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In our inaugural episode, Bold Orange CEO, Margaret Murphy, sits down with Amy Halford, CMO at Thrive Pet Healthcare to discuss her career, and how she navigated her team and company through a rebrand and the early stages of a digital transformation.

Episode 1: Amy Halford, CMO, Thrive Pet Healthcare

Conversation Segments in this Episode:

  • [00:45] Building a career based on passion
  • [07:27] In the weeds of a digital transformation
  • [10:30] Aligning on the brand strategy with a two-fold growth model
  • [13:32] Overcommunicating with stakeholders to ensure success
  • [16:35] Putting employees first through training and education
  • [18:32] Reflecting on the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • [21:03] Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration. The biggest driver of progress
  • [23:35] Enjoying life, putting less pressure on yourself. See Amy’s Forbes feature on personal growth
  • [26:40] Be honest with yourself while finding what you want to do
  • [31:14] Advocacy: A professional women’s best friend
  • [34:03] Inspired by others’ bold moves
  • [35:12] No personal regrets. Only bold actions

About Amy Halford

Amy Halford is a growth-minded, industry-recognized marketer with 20 years of experience leading marketing strategy and digital capabilities across large and small businesses in industries ranging from retail and consumer packaged goods to digital publishing and health and wellness.

After beginning her career in research, Amy moved to marketing and branding and has dedicated her work to creating world-class, industry-recognized products, programs, and brands that help make people’s lives better. Currently the CMO of Thrive Pet Healthcare, Amy has previously held leadership roles at several major brands, including Self Esteem Brands (Anytime Fitness, Waxing the City, The Bar Method, and Basecamp Fitness), General Mills, and Best Buy.

About Thrive Pet Healthcare

As a first-of-its-kind pet healthcare network, Thrive Pet Healthcare is  dedicated to helping  pets thrive through every stage of life. They aim to revolutionize veterinary care for pets and the people who love them through the world’s most trusted, innovative, and connected pet healthcare network. With their personal, professional, and technological support, their medical teams are able to dedicate their time and energy toward evolving veterinary standards, benefiting both pets and their human families.