eBay’s International Shipping program is designed to make the process of shipping to other countries as simple as doing so domestically. Instead of dealing with restrictions and customs paperwork, sellers simply send items to eBay’s International Shipping hub and the rest is taken care of on their behalf (including any potential returns). 

When eBay launched this exciting new program, sellers understandably had questions. How long are packages at the Hub? Will they be opened for any reason? What happens if something gets damaged? eBay decided to create an engaging and educational video to provide some answers—and they partnered with us to dream up an idea and bring it to life.  

The digestible, easy-to-understand video our team strategically concepted and produced takes viewers on a tour of the International Shipping hub and features real employees addressing common concerns. It helps chip away at misconceptions about eBay’s International Shipping program and provides greater peace of mind to sellers looking to send items across borders. 

Check out the video below!