Three months ago, we began the year with a bold prediction: the future of marketing hinges on experience-driven strategies. In this new era, an unexpected form of audience engagement is taking flight. Here at Bold Orange, we have a proud tradition of embracing innovation—so today, we’re excited to announce that we’re joining the flock.  

Introducing the avian approach 

People, we’re talking about pigeons. You may have spotted them pooping on windshields and pecking at pizza crusts in the gutter, but now, this humble bird is soaring to extraordinary heights as the next big thing in marketing.  

We’re calling it a new channel, but really, the pigeon post is older than most civilizations. Three thousand years before IBM engineer Frank Canova put computers in our phones, ancient people looked to the skies for the word on what was good. Now, even as marketing technologies advance at an increasingly rapid rate, brands are hungry to expand their reach through novel approaches that command attention. That’s where the birds come in.  

Wings of wonder

As a delivery method, pigeons are both unexpected and familiar—a winning combination that will appeal to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. They’re also surprisingly practical.

Individually, they can deliver a uniquely one-to-one customer experience that will drive loyalty. Together, they can perform synchronized aerial displays (picture your logo written in wings!) and distribute flyers with a feathery flair you’ll never forget. It requires a little creative thinking, but our people are up to the challenge.

“I can’t say I ever designed at fortune cookie scale before,” said Melissa Kiefer, art director. “But it’s cool, right? Kind of smelly in here, though.” 

Feather fervor

Here at the office, we’ve taken to our new calling like a pigeon to the skies—with ease. Our team has spent the last month refitting the west wing of our office into a hatchery to raise young squeakers (the technical term) into full-fledged marketing mavericks. Our recruiters have tirelessly searched for the preeminent experts in pigeoneering, and we plan to debut our new line of services within the year. Clients are already asking about it. Everyone here is 100% on board.

“Yeah, I love sharing my desk with a three-by-four bird coop,” spat Digital Analyst Jackson Amodeo through a mouthful of feathers. “Why do you ask?”

To Shelby Punt, a QA specialist working remotely from Indiana, this new development brings her closer to the team at 100 Washington Ave. “They dropped off my employee appreciation package via pigeon! Holy sh*t, right?”

She’s not alone in celebrating these new colleagues coming home to roost. Our once-ordinary office has come alive with the sounds of cheerful chirps and gentle coos—a delightful ambiance that stimulates the brain and promotes productivity. BOCOites bond with the birds over their coffee breaks, sneak them Cheetos at lunchtime, and fly friendly notes from one side of the office to the other.

Creative environments inspire creative work. And when that work reaches audiences in the talons of a pigeon—well, that’s a customer experience like no other. At Bold Orange, we’re here to provide those connections one flight at a time. The road ahead is full of unknowns, but the sky is clear and leadership is undaunted. Take it from Jim Specht, our chief experience officer: “It’s an investment, sure, and it might ruffle a few feathers. But new ventures always do.