Customer Service is the critical touchpoint in delivering an organization’s brand experience. That’s why marketing needs to be paying more attention.

Go onto almost any organization’s website or mobile apps to resolve a problem and you will find some similar advice: “you may experience long delays in contacting customer support, visit our website to find solutions to many common problems…”

Even if obedient customers do go to the service portion of the website, they are often confronted with poor navigation and search experience, limited FAQs, and a plethora of ageing and badly written pdfs. If they are lucky, they may even encounter poorly designed chatbots, with pointlessly exotic names, which are not yet smart enough to solve real customer problems.

We rarely see customer service content and engagement that has anything like the kind of design, customer insight, and engagement consideration demonstrated by marketing teams every day in their campaign work. Given the vital role and sheer volume of customer service traffic currently being generated, isn’t it time that marketing and operations collaborated more effectively to give customers the service they deserve?