As a digital marketer, it can feel as though we have reached the apex of our ability to capture data to effectively target customers. Brands have seemingly endless channels to connect with their audience, which means there is more data that can be captured to better define customer segments. But how can you be sure your brand is connecting with its customers on their preferred channel, with relevant content, at the right time and cadence? In reality, most brands are struggling with this. In 2017, over 70% of online consumers surveyed said that they were frustrated by irrelevant communications. A sign that highly integrated and relevant communications across the digital experience are becoming a consumer expectation.

It seems paradoxical that there is more data than ever to leverage, but brands still can’t quite figure out the right channels and content to engage their audiences with. The data overload, sparked by the digital transformation, has caused a “paralysis” for the brands that are leveraging antiquated CRM solutions. The sheer amount of effort and manpower required to maintain these systems is unsustainable. Having the right customer data platform in place, which has the ability to integrate with other technology solutions, gives marketers the ability to create a single customer view across different marketing channels.

To get there, it will require machine learning to be in the driver’s seat of the data analysis process. With algorithms that are set up to intake automated data feeds, you can create a real-time, single view of your customers for CRM. Machine learning integrations can automatically create segments and profiles allowing for more accurate and better-targeted content. Just last year, 75% of B2C marketers saw an increase in their content marketing development and budget; a natural byproduct of the growing number of marketing channels. Automatically matching the content with the appropriate segments, and disseminating the content across the most effective channel.

As Millennials and Gen Z  take on increased spending power, it is critical for brands to think of new ways to tap into emerging channels and capture a larger share of the digital generations’ wallets. Where these emerging channels can be great to round out your overall customer experience, it is important not to lose sight of the one channel that still remains king for delivering content, email.

If your brand is struggling to deliver relevant content to your customers, now is the time to reassess your CRM strategy to ensure you are getting the most out of your technology and are setting your program up for success in the future. 




TJ Patrias

Manager, Client Services & Marketing