The Situation

Indian Motorcycle had huge news to share about one of their most beloved and sacred motorcycles. And with these riding fanatics, they had to get it right. The Indian Scout, first launched in 1919, was widely regarded as the most perfect motorcycle ever built. It quickly became the preferred bike for racing legends and later cherished by all riding enthusiasts. Now, over a hundred years later, Indian Motorcycle sought Bold Orange’s creative expertise in helping launch an all-new lineup of five Indian Scout models, including the long-awaited return of the Indian 101 Scout. Each bike has been upgraded with contemporary style, performance enhancements and cutting-edge technology.

Our Approach

Connecting with current owners, leads and prospects, BOCO paid tribute to the Indian Scout and its storied past through supporting the overarching campaign, “Born From Icons. Ridden By Legends.” Immersing ourselves in the history of this motorcycle, BOCO strategically mapped out each bike and its importance within this new lineup—from the best-selling Scout Bobber to the long-distance Super Scout. BOCO developed six emails in total, with five dedicated solely to each new individual Indian Scout model, knowing that different types of riders have different needs for their riding style.

The Solution

Because the Indian Scout is an entry-level bike for many riders, BOCO welcomed these people into the Indian Motorcycle family via an approachable and inspiring tone. Through a purposeful deployment schedule, this six-part storytelling showcased the key features of each bike and further engaged the audience by helping them find the right Scout to fit their unique personality and riding style. To help do this, the emails also highlighted four all-new accessory collections. The accessory features throughout the emails utilized engaging imagery and messaging, illustrating the over 100 various accessories, and helping riders express their unique and distinctive style.