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According to research from Gartner, marketers use only 42% of their martech stack capabilities. That’s an astounding number. Can you imagine utilizing only 42% of your company’s talent?  

That’s why we’re pushing forward with our series on the hidden potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud: most teams aren’t getting nearly as much as they could out of the platform. In each post, we’re highlighting a few simple yet lesser-known features that can help you create a better CX and improve efficiency.  

Messaging Customers with Relevancy

This week, we’re focused on content. The following features will empower you to leverage AI to deliver curated content to the right people.  

Einstein Messaging: Einstein Content Testing

Many have found themselves in a position where they’re sending the same content to their entire audience. Given the importance of personalization, this isn’t ideal. Then again, neither is wasting time overthinking how to manually test variations of content across different segments. Einstein Content Testing makes it fast and easy to find the middle ground. 

This powerful feature leverages artificial intelligence to optimize marketing content and enhance campaign performance. It allows marketers to A/B test different elements of their content, such as subject lines, images, or messaging, by automatically analyzing the data and providing insights into what resonates best with their target audience. This enables marketers to make data-driven decisions, refine their strategies, and deliver more personalized and engaging content to drive better results in their marketing campaigns. 

Einstein Messaging: Einstein Content Selection

Einstein Content Selection is a more advanced feature that utilizes AI to automatically determine the most effective content for each individual in a marketing campaign. Unlike Einstein Content Testing, which focuses on testing and optimizing content elements through A/B testing, Einstein Content Selection goes a step further by dynamically choosing the optimal content variation for each recipient based on their preferences, behavior, and historical engagement patterns. 

It all starts with data about your audiences. Once you’ve captured information about your email subscribers’ attributes, you can start to catalog your content:  

In this example, content assets are based on class (banner, event, etc.) and are also tagged with relevant activities and cities. Included in the platform is the ability to map content attributes to subscriber attributes. This helps train the machine learning model to provide more relevant content for your customers.  

Similar to previous examples, you can now leverage Einstein Content Selection in the development of email campaigns. Simply include it in your email as a content block, select the asset class, and you’re ready to go. Welcome to the power (and ease) of personalization.  

It may take a bit to lay the foundation, but mastering Einstein Content Selection will help you unlock major benefits: 

  • Build emails faster than with a programmatic approach. 
  • Significantly increase engagement and ROI (some of our recent cases have shown 100%+ increases in engagement and 25%+ increases on ROI).  
  • Nurture loyal customers through the creation of experiences that make them feel recognized at an individual level.  

In the next (and final) blog in this series we’ll take a look at Salesforce Marketing Cloud functions designed to create greater efficiency. Check back soon!